Abreu to the Yankees and Other Trade Deadline Opinions

The Yankees get Abreu: Doesn’t this move just reek of a typical Yankee trade at deadline time? New York gives themselves a fourth All Star outfielder, who’ll be on the payroll through 2008, just because two happen to be on the disabled list for part of the season. It’s just so like the pinstripes’ front office to pile on players who they’ll have to throw money at for years down the road because of a short term need. On the other hand for all of us Yankee haters out there, you have to love the way this team stabs their own players in the back. Word on the street is that Sheffield is none too happy about this one, there’s no way they’ll exercise his 13 million dollar option for 2007 now.

So yes, the big winners this year were the Yankees and Dodgers, but I still stick by my previous statement that I’d rather my team do nothing at all than pull a “Paul Lo Duca for who?” type trade. Some people are adding the Texas Rangers to that list of winners, which is silly. They added Carlos Lee, and they’ll have a better offense because of it. But that won’t account for the woes of this team. This is a franchise that has won their division three times . . . and has paved the way for a Yankee championship all three times. Derek Jeter ought to send one of his four world series rings to be put on display over at Arlington with a note that says, “Thanks for making it easier.”

At the risk of sounding a little looney, I’d say the Kansas City Royals are the third winner out of this year’s trade season. The Royals took advantage of a dead market, and picked up prospects for players like Matt Stairs and Denny Bautista. Most teams probably had some tough decisions to make about trading away their present for the future. I’m sure the opposite was true for the Royals. Maybe their bargaining phone calls went something like this: “You’ll give me a player with potential for one of my proven losers? I guess we could work something out.”


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