The MLB Trade Deadline

Competitive balance might mean the end of MLB’s exciting trade deadline.  With the Monday night deadline less than 48 hours away upon typing this, we’ve basically seen one lineup altering trade, and that was to the Texas Rangers of all teams!

With well over half of the Major League teams still within a push of a playoff position, (including every team in either western division) this year is no longer a who-are-the-Yankees-Red Sox-Braves-gonna-get type of trade season.  Suddenly there are very few sellers and lots of buyers; and even fewer matchups in which the buyer has the package that the seller wants.  We’ve reached the point where the Oakland A’s, a first place team, are trying very hard to sell their best pitcher, knowing they could get whatever they want for him on this market.

The madness sort of makes you worried about what your team might look like come Tuesday morning.  Luckily for me, my Angels’ GM Bill Stoneman is the most conservative general manager in the league.  But if I was a Dodger fan, I’d probably be having annual nightmares leading up to August 1st in which I wake up to find out my team traded away its All-Star catcher and got nothing to show for him, reminiscent of 2004.

In the end, it’s probably a good thing about this new found competitive balance that reduces the number of players switching uniforms.  Not only is it hard on us fans, but this year, we don’t have Peter Gammons to explain it all to us, and it’s just not the same without him.  


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