Wasting My Time

There has been a lot going on in sports in just the past week that is worthy of discussion:  World Cup finished, baseball is back in full swing, and the Tour de France is rolling to name a few.  Even with all this fodder, what has captured my attention is this worthless debate and discussion surrounding Ben Roethlisberger the past week.  

The story is quite amazing.  After Big Ben put his career on hold by getting in a very serious accident on his motorcycle without a helmet on, I think it’s safe to say we all breathed a collective sigh a relief for the guy when we saw he was okay this week with his appearance at the ESPY’s and other various events.

But like I said, I can’t get over this ongoing sports discussion about Big Ben’s future.  The discussion should begin and end with the question, “Will he play this next season?”  After the simple “yes,” newscasters and sports analysts should then be moving onto the next story like if the Angels really have the best rotation in the MLB.  Instead, they choose then to speculate on how this will make him a better player.  I didn’t know this, but according to the talking heads a motorcycle accident can give you Peyton like vision from the quarterback position.   I certainly wished someone would have told me this back when I was playing high school football because I would have been riding my bike to school everyday.  Perhaps a little accident on the way would have given me Moss like hands and speed.

Look: I don’t care who you are, a motorcycle accident it going to change you.  It may help you reevaluate a few things about your life.  It might drive you to make some changes in your life.  I’m definitely not debating that, but it certainly will not give you a new found ability on the field.  Instead of wasting their time with such speculations on how an accident might make you more patient, the boys at ESPN might as well start talking about Ricky Bobby and the impact he will have on the NASCAR circuit.  As for me, I’ll make my judgment after the Steelers actually take the field again.  


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