A Soccer Gift For Our Patrons

I know you soccer fans are jonesing for hot World Cup action that yesterday’s final game snuffed out.

The first day without World Cup…….well, it felt like a year………didn’t it?

Did you really think France would do anything but surrender, when it was crunch time?

The Sport’s Frappe World Cup coverage was followed by many on numerous continents. This tough sell of a sport saw a few converts along the way. Our lithe penned journalists acted like literary Johnny Appleseeds.

A better description may be……………Johnny Frappleseeds.

It will be interesting to see the harvest that is gleaned in 4 years, when the next WC’s pageantry, psychedelic jerseys, stretchers, decks of multi colored cards, and yes….mullets, make their return.

We leave you with this poignant and celebratory summary of “The World’s Sport.”



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