World Cup Top 10 Continued

To finish what BiCoastal Bias started, here is 1 – 5 on things I’ve come to love about the World Cup. Enjoy.

5. 45 minutes of straight TV. Soccer is the only sporting event that I’ve seen that can get away with uninterrupted play. There is definitely no such thing as a TV time-out in this sport, and for that, I salute you.

4. Beckham. I never understood why a movie was ever titled “Bend It Like Beckham,” until, well, I watched Beckham “bend it.” He has the amazing ability to make the ball hook and dive like no one I’ve ever seen. I once was told by a soccer fanatic that Beckham could hit me in the face with a ball from 40 yards away while making the ball curve around a flagpole to reach me. I was skeptical then, but after his goal against Ecuador, I’m a believer.

3. Spanish Announcers. No one can make me feel the excitement of the World Cup better than these guys and I don’t even understand half of what they are saying (I say half because the other half is names of players). More importantly is their ability to celebrate the goal. Their sustaining yells of the word “goal” gives me just enough time to high-five those around me and use the bathroom before the replay is actually given.

2. The Header. I have to admire these players for their lack of care for their noggins. I always wince when I see the goalie boot a ball three quarters across the field where it is then met by a player’s forehead. Not only do these guys do it without hesitation, they can direct it just as well as if they had thrown it with their hands. Now that’s impressive.

1. The Stretcher. I believe soccer is the only sport still using a stretcher for injured players. You’ve got to hand it to them too: they’ve seen the electric cart, but they’re hanging in there with that stretcher. It typically plays out like this: referee runs to fallen player; player continues to roll on ground; referee signals to the 4 stooges to bring out the stretcher. When the stretcher arrives, if they are lucky to get their hands on the player, they just might be able to get him on it and strap him down. Otherwise, there seems to be a reoccurring phenomenon in which the thought of being carried off on a stretcher is medicinal in and of itself and the player immediately jumps to his feet as if nothing ever happened.


3 thoughts on “World Cup Top 10 Continued

  1. Top list there – interesting to see how the world cup is seen in North America. Out of curiosity, is the entire commentary in Spanish in California? Or are you selecting the Spanish commentary since it cannot fail to be entertaining (though can’t be too informative if you don’t speak the lingo!)…


  2. Actually, I’m currently located in Guatemala so I don’t have much of a choice. But, I believe if I had the choice in the States, I would still choose Spanish Commentators anyday.


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