Latin America Cries

I sat down in an internet café this afternoon to check my mail as well as watch the France vs. Brazil quarterfinal game, and to the world’s surprise, France won. In a 1 to 0 victory, France sent the favorites of the cup packing their bags for home just like they did in the 1998 finals. As BiCoastal Bias has mentioned, Brazil is an incredibly entertaining team to watch. With all the stars that Brazil has (Rhonaldino and Ronaldo to mention a few), you feel like you are watching an All-Star team take on a grade school soccer team. I always had the feeling that they were “too good,” if such a thing is possible, so I figured that their demise would come sometime soon, just not against France.

The unfortunate thing is that accompanied with Argentina’s dismissal yesterday in a less than exciting shoot-out with Germany, the Cup is now lacking any Latin-American team. But I suppose such a feature should be far from surprising. You see, in the history of the World Cup, only one Latin-American team has been crowned the champions in a World Cup played in Europe and that was Brazil back in 1958 in Sweden. Likewise, a European team has never won the World Cup in the Americas. If you aren’t picking up what I’m laying down, then watch the last few minutes of regulation in the Argentina vs. Germany game and I think you’ll begin to understand.

It’s for that reason that I’m already claiming Germany as champs of this year’s cup. It’s only fitting for the host country to take home the honors. With their next game against Italy in the semi-finals and then a finals versus either France or Portugal (probably Portugal), I don’t see any reason why they should fall short. Let’s just hope it’s not too obvious so I can at least enjoy these remaining games.


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