Pregame Warning

You Frappers are in for a special treat.  At the Sports Frappe’s fiscal meeting last week, (we have those directly following our production meetings) we came to the conclusion that we have a lot of unused money in our first half budget.  

Then the old timer Intrinsic Bent stood up, and told us this story about how he had always dreamed of growing his hair long, buying a VW bug, and taking a road trip to each of the country’s major league ballparks.  After he sat down, and the rest of us cleared the mist that had formed in our eyes, we decided that we just didn’t have a big enough surplus to pay for the VW bug, the gasoline, or the hair extensions.  

So instead, the Sports Frappe is sending me, the BiCoastal Bias, on a mini-tour.  I’ll be spending Tuesday night at Shea Stadium, Wednesday night in Philadelphia, and Thursday night at Camden Yards.  And I’ll be blogging about all of it.  

Stay tuned, Frappers . . .


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