What Do You Get The Person That Has Everything?

So many ways to go with this one. The Frappe is all about good taste and decorum. Be warned that the subject matter and events are graphically tasteless. This mainly due to the hilarity of the lack of maturity involved.

Much goes on in clubhouses of professional sports teams. Some sordid, some ridiculous, some funny. It’s a bonding thing with guys. Ladies when the guys get together for what we term fun, many times it’s not an intellect based event. You know, the hand in the warm water trick on your buddy that’s sleeping, bragging about what a great breakfast you make in the campground to anyone that will listen, etc. The list goes on forever, but if I divulge more I risk losing my Dude Card.

Baseball seems to have a high rate of practical jokes, probably because the vast number of games played in a season and the length of the games themselves. You’ve seen the guy cluelessly wearing the bubble gum bubble on his hat gag, the hot foot trick, and the pie in the face during the interview, to name a few.

Baltimore Oriole (a fierce mascot, but I digress) Kevin Millar kicked it up a notch. And I don’t think he was trying to be funny. Boston Manager Terry Francona definitely didn’t get a chuckle out of it.

Seems when Ex BoSox Millar was in Minnesota playing the Twins, he left a special “gift” for his ex-Skipper Francona in the visiting manager’s office since he was due in next.

The gift was a nice bag of dog poop.

“It said, Here’s to Francona”, the Skipper recounted. “I opened it, reached in, I didn’t realize what it was. I just called him back and said, “Any chance you had of ever coming back here just went right down the toilet with that bag.”

The Sport Frappe’s question to Millar is, Couldn’t you find a way to light the bag on fire first?


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