Who Can I Blame?

One of things that I love just as much as sports is fantasy sports. Since being introduced to this new world of electronic competition five years ago, I’ve been hooked. The statistical rundowns, the speculations on who’s hot and who’s not, and the sweet taste of victory keep bringing me back season after season.

The only problem with this wonderful universe is the inverse relationship between how much I love the sport and my success in the fantasy realm of the sport. For instance, each season I drag my feet into a basketball league with some friends because I can’t stand to watch the NBA and each season I find myself in the top tier of the league. Unfortunately, this means I of course dive right into fantasy baseball with glee and excitement and only to find out that I have the ability to manage a team right into the ground just about as well as Isaiah Thomas.

So this baseball season, to help turn around my failures, I did my research. I bought the magazines, read everything on ESPN.com I could find, and went against every single piece of intuition I had. And where do I find myself 9 weeks into the season? Last. Dead last.

However, this year I can lay all my frustrations and grief on one person: Peter Gammons. That’s right. I’m calling out the king of baseball analysis himself. All Spring training I listened to Gammons for any hints I could get on who to draft this year in my keeper league and time and time again he told me Bobby Crosby would be the AL MVP this season. A bold statement no doubt, but I slurped it up like a fool.

Now I’m stuck with a shortstop who is batting a meager .232 with 6 Hr, 20 RBI, and 19 Runs. Hardly MVP numbers Mr. Gammons. This season, the blame rests on your shoulders. I’ll be sending you my last place trophy in the mail; you’ve earned it.


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