Around The Bore

I’m flying to Virginia as I write this via the preferred airline of the Frappe, JetBlue.

Not willing to watch friggin’ poker and having done the loop on ESPN sports like 7 times, I settle in on a show that is new (to me) on ESPN called Around The Horn.

I’ll admit upfront that if I need solid sports takes, I either ask myself, or head to the Frappe to see what my colleagues think. After about 4 minutes of this show, I rededicated myself to this practice.

Where do I start? First, the host is like a young Jim Rome wannabe that sits with his head slightly cocked and emits an air of “I know it all because I won a neighborhood Lawn Dart tournament one time.”

He throws up softball questions like, “LeBron James, good player?” and “Who’s to blame, Pierzynski or Barrett? This dude makes Knowledge Droppings sound like Bob Costas. By the way, does anyone know if Knowledge Drops still works at the Frappe?

Then the sportswriter hacks sound off on these “tough” questions which really means they start trying (too hard) to be funny and sound knowledgable. They also do the fake anger interrupt yelling at other heads while they’re stating their case.

The weirdest part was that I kept hearing this annoying clicking sound while these guys were talking. At first I looked at the lady next to me thinking she was playing with a jack in the box or something. When I looked back to the TV screen, I notice that the tick/clicking coincided with a small number at the corner of the talking head’s cube that seemed to be some sort of scoring. It was random……..very random. I could only guess that Yard Dart guy was controlling this point scoring melee. Seriously, WWE has a lot of integrity in comparison to how these points were being doled out.

I’d like to end my report positively by giving you some redeeming nugget that makes this show worth an investment of time. The truth is, I turned the channel. Terminator was not on, so I watched a cooking show and then part of TLC’s Little People, Big World.

I feel like I came out ahead in the deal.

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