The Final Viking

While I was at home this past week, I was lucky enough to have the luxury of TiVo at my fingertips. I immediately sought out Viking: the Ultimate Obstacle Course Challenge and set it to “record series.” If you haven’t caught an episode of the Viking since my last post, then you are missing out on a cross cultural phenomenon that might be giving the World Cup a run for its money.

Thankfully, I was able to catch the 3rd and final Viking stage while I was home. After watching the final Viking, I have to tip my hat to Fuji Televion because they have created a near impossible obstacle course. The third Viking stage has 3 obstacles. The first obstacle, the Heartbreaker, can be described as series of planks, both vertical and horizontal, on which the contestant must climb on the underside and then finally jump from one vertical plank to another situated 7 feet away. Needless to say, this is no easy challenge. In fact, only one contestant, Makoto Nagano (a 33 year old commercial fisherman), has ever cleared it.

Now, if that wasn’t hard enough, the 2nd obstacle is a 50 foot horizontal peg board which the contestant must traverse using two movable pegs. The catch is that they can only place their pegs in the Viking letters which is spelled out across the board. Once again, Makoto Nagano takes the glory on this obstacle.

Finally, if the contestant hasn’t thrown up by this point, he must face the final obstacle: a 75 foot horizontal rope climb followed by at 30 foot vertical rope climb. And for good measure, he has to do it in under a minute and forty seconds. Not even the Japanese wonder Makoto Nagano could conquer this bad boy. In fact, I’m not even sure a Marine could beat this obstacle course.

Once again, the Viking has left me wanting more. I want to know if it’s even feasible for someone to conquer the Viking. It’s time to spread this competition outside Japanese borders and make this into an international competition. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the first to succeed will be Icelander Magnus Ver Magnuson—the World’s Strongest Man. If he can’t do it, then no one can.


9 thoughts on “The Final Viking

  1. Makoto Nagano is my favorite Ninja Warrior. He is handsome and in great shape. I was so excited the first time I saw him clear the entire course with 2 seconds to spare.


  2. Makoto Nagano is the best ninja warrior period and i am sure he will be back to destroy viking just wait and see Nagano rules.


  3. just you guys wait….nagano will get this “final viking”it took him three tries to finally beat the 4th stage in NW/Sasuke right?


  4. Has anyone been watching the “women” of Ninja Warrior programs? I think it’s great. I would like to compete on that show. The obstacle courses require the women to have great balance as opposed to the men who require alot of stamina to complete a course. I was a gymnast and dancer for a number of years and I think in order to seriously compete for the female Ninja Warrior title, you need to have some background in balance control. What are your thoughts?


  5. Yo. Just wanted you to get those facts straight. Nagano was, in fact, the second man to clear the course on Midoriyama. First was a man who is going blind, Kazuhiko Akiyama. And both victories were UNBELIEVABLE.


  6. I agree with everyone that Makoto Nagano is the best,,,and not to mention very easy on the eyes…but lets not forget the other ninja men: Yamaoto (always wears the hat), and Yamada (mr. ninja), the firman and of course the very first man to get total victory before Nagano. They are all awesome, and deserve much praise for the amount of training and dedication they give into putting on a great show for us all to watch. Here in the States,,this is the best “reality” tv show on! And most of it is edited out. This is the firt I’m hearing of Viking…where is that aired???


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