Reporting From The Playoffs

Not actually from……….unless you consider a 52” screen and HDTV close enough. I do. And I’m having my CPA check to see if it is tax deductible for sports journalists.

This year’s NBA playoffs have produced all kinds of twists, turns, and wrinkles. Since I know you’ve been waiting for my opinion, I’ll give you a few.

  • Has Shawn Marion always looked like a Tyrannasaurus Rex when he shoots? How did I miss that? I keep expecting to hear that shrill screech ala Jurassic Park whenever he lets one fly. And what about that rumor that the Suns will be packaging Marion in a trade before next season?
  • Have you ever noticed that you don’t see Chris Kaman and Tom Petty together? Do you think they might be the same person? Just wonderin’.
  • How did the Spurs age 10 years since the end of the regular season?
  • Elton Brand. Playoffs MVP if they were over now.
  • Jason Terry has a bright future as a boxer or MMA fighter. Dude can punch a bag. His timing is suspect though.
  • Rasheed Wallace’s future as Rasheed Nostrawallace isn’t panning out. Sheed we want smack, and then we want that smack backed up.
  • LeBron James. The second time this week I’ve regurged one of BiCoastal’s genius takes. LeBron is not the next Air, or an heir at all. He’s his own man. Barring injuries, this guy will be the best ever. His age to accomplishment ratio is mind numbing.
  • If the Finals came down to San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat, would you have to throw Senior in the title (Senior NBA Playoffs), or Legends (Legends NBA Playoffs)? Legends is a more polite terming of the same notion.
  • Avery Johnson has had an amazing inaugural first season as a coach. Now, can he coach the Mavs into not being the Mavs during the 7th game against Spurs?

That’s it from your lovable NBA Correspondent. Hand me the remote.


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