The most important aspect of the number 714 is that it is my area code.

714 was very important when Hank Aaron was chasing Babe Ruth’s career home record………………………….when I was a kid.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why the media is freaking on it and having “Chasing The Babe” watches and analysis as Bonds, Barry Bonds looks to break the SECOND place record of 714 held by the Babe.  

During last night’s ESPN post game coverage of the Spurs and Mavericks’ playoff game I was forced to cut away to watch Bonds whiff at the plate.

Today, while sneaking some sports talk radio into my weekend, I listened as Fox Sports broke in with a special announcement.  Are the martians attacking?  Did Rasheed Wallace make another ridiculous statement?   Did the Angels have another clubhouse row?  

No, Bonds hit a homer against the A’s and tied the Babe’s SECOND place record.  How can I best put this?…………Yawwwwnnnnn.  There, I think that sums it up.

I mean the significance is the same as being geeked because your horse passed the nag in 2nd position in the Kentucky Derby to hold that non trophy over your head.  Do you remember the name of the horse that came in second?  If you do, you’re ill.  Maybe it’s a bad example, cuz now to think of it, I don’t know who took first, or poll, or the cup, or whatever they call it.  But you get my drift.

The only number that matters on the subject of career home runs is 755.  Trust me, you will not see this record broken within the next 5 years.  It will take Pujols about another 12 – 15 years (that’s a wild butt guess math majors, so save the emails schooling me on his actual pace.) to make this race interesting again.


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