A Wag of the Finger

I spent Mother’s Day at the ballpark.  (Don’t worry, my mom was with me.  I was only in town for the weekend, so we had to multitask.)  Anyhow, as I entered the stadium, I was stopped by an employee who asked me, “Sir, would you like a ladies tote bag?”  I took a second to think about such a proposal, and naturally replied, “No.”  Then his supervisor, a woman in a pant suit, butted in with a smirk, “Excuse me sir, are you sure you don’t want a ladies tote bag?”

To understand this confrontation, we’re going to have to back up a year and unfold this story Tarantino-style.  You see, last year, the Angels of Anaheim did a Mother’s Day promotion in which every woman of adult age was given a free tote bag.  As a result, earlier this week Michael Cohn filed a lawsuit against the team, claiming “unfair treatment” because he didn’t get a freebie based on his gender.

Now flash forward to today, the pant suit’s smirk and emphasis on the word “ladies” makes sense.  I can only hope Michael Cohn was there to accept his gift, and humiliation, as all the dudes around him muttered, “Who would want a ladies tote bag?”

The Sports Frappe gives a WAG OF THE FINGER to Michael Cohn.  But to pant suit lady, we award you with a WINK AND A NOD; it was clear what you were doing, and we liked it.


2 thoughts on “A Wag of the Finger

  1. Few would find it so petty if women were denied stereotypically “male”handouts, such as baseballs or baseball cards, when women asked for them(even on Fathers’ Day). Even “petty” discrimination against men feeds intothe larger problem of gender stereotypes, misandry and anti-male sexism.The fact that men are conditioned to accept it is partly why it continues inlarger areas involving human rights, such as: fathers denied equal parentingrights; men getting higher sentences for the same crime; incarceratedfathers denied equal visitation rights with their kids; male victims ofdomeestic violence and their children denied equal services; men exemptedfrom the international ban on forced labor; men denied equal pricing orservices at hotels, car washes, restaurants; etc. Therefore, I support anyman who complains when he is discriminated against as a man, no matter howlarge or small it may seem, and no matter what his subjective motives may be.Most media ignore men’s complaints about the larger forms of discrimination,but jump all over the smaller forms such as this one, giving it nationalcoverage. That’s because most media is sensationalistic, reactionary, lazy,ignorant and biased.


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