Lunch With a Rope

I happened to get a rare break today at the noon hour so I trekked it back to my apartment to watch some television. Of course, I immediately flipped to our ESPN package. ESPN was playing Brewers vs. Braves, a game I could really care less about minus the fact that Ben Sheets is on my fantasy baseball team. After seeing that Sheets had been taken out of the game after striking out 9, I flipped over to ESPN 2 secretly hoping the Viking would be on. Instead, I found the U.S. National Jump Rope Championship.

Now let me remind you, it was noon. My choices were the NJRC or Law and Order, and since every episode of Law and Order is the same, I chose jump roping. The first event I caught was your basic speed double dutch. This is where the object is to clear the rope as many times possible in a set amount of time without being decapitated by the ropes. I’ll admit it: I was a little bored. Thankfully, EPSN knows this and so they don’t even complete the event before announcing who won.

What grabbed my attention is the double dutch single freestyle competition. This is where the 3 members of a team have put together a 60 second routine that involves flips, twists, and choreography. Think the floor exercise of a gymnastics routine, except with ropes flying above and below them. Not only do they have double dutch single freestyle, but they have doubles as well. My favorite was definitely the Hot Dogs. Those kids can skip.

Most of these contestants range from the ages of 8 to 30 which made me wonder what would have happened if I had taken my jump roping skills seriously back in the 4th grade. In case you were in doubt, I was good. No seriously, I rocked it out there on the playground. My potential as a jump roper was the sky. It’s too bad I decided to play real competitive sports because I could have been a national champion. I have only myself to blame.


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