Viking: the Ultimate Obstacle Course Challenge

If you want to see the cutting edge in sports entertainment, then look no further than EPSN 2. No, I’m not talking about bass fishing. I’m referring to Tokyo, Japan’s very own Viking: the Ultimate Obstacle Course Challenge. The makers of the show describe it as an “obstacle course designed to test the outer limits of human strength, speed, agility, and endurance.” At first I simply thought it was syndicated episodes of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC) from Spike TV until I realized that the contestants on the show were actually speaking in Japanese instead of having their voices replaced by cheesy (yet hilarious) voice-overs and the announcers were taking their jobs seriously.

What’s so entertaining about this show however is how dangerous the obstacle course actually is. This show would never fly in the US because of the insurance policy to cover it would be way too expensive. Failing an obstacle usually leaves the contestant falling awkwardly about 15 feet before they meet the water below. And if you are lucky, that fall might also include a ricochet off a wall.

In this particular episode that I’m watching, the contestants start by carrying a yoke with ropes tied to 30 pounds of cement on each side across a slow spinning balance beam. I’m thankful that I was fortunate enough to see someone make it one step onto the beam before losing their balance to fall into the water followed by the yoke and its cement blocks. Now that’s entertainment.

So where does the Viking come into play? That, my friends, is what we call an example of “Lost in Translation.” The obstacle course is placed within a giant pirate ship, not a Viking ship. Yes, I found this disturbing as well. I’m not sure how pirates and Vikings go together, but apparently for the Japanese they are one and the same. Fine by me as long as I get to see 5’4”, 130 pound men try and rope swing across a large ravine only to end up looking like Wile E. Coyote as they slam flat against the wall on the other side.

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12 thoughts on “Viking: the Ultimate Obstacle Course Challenge

  1. Yeah, except Nitro isn’t waiting around the corner to rip your head off. Man, talk about a roids controversy. Forget baseball, Congress should have been investigating the American Gladiators team.


  2. Just saw it on ESPN2…great show…these japanese guys are amazing athletes…btw…any “Contender” fans out there…another great show…are they bringing it back???


  3. Well what can I say about this show…I mean this show is one of the greatest things I have ever watched….I got to tell how an American Kid can give a try….


  4. Truly a show that belongs on ESPN. Physical challenge, yes. But nothing beats the entertainment of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge on Spike TV. The announcers are great! “Right you are Ken”. I am look forward to another great season of MXC!


  5. You guys are all j*rks, I don’t see you going out there and doing that stuff. these guys are amazing!It beats all that other reality crap!!


  6. its a great show.. my brother said he’ll be the first north american 2 go do this show but i think he wuz just messin. but really its a sweet show!! everyone shood watch it!!!


  7. Quote: Anonymous said… This makes me want to go to japan just so i can show thes japanese weenies what us real american men can doApparently you have never seen Sasuke(Ninja Warrior on G4) where we’ve had 2 olympic gymnasts and an Olympic Decathlete (all from the USA) fail while one of only 2 people to ever win this is the only person to ever make it to the final stage of Viking. Your racism only shows yor ignorance.


  8. right you are (above)!These men are superb athletes, not many can do it. Just american men showing their ignorance again…


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