The Second Season

Welcome to the NBA’s second season.  The finals won’t wrap up until mid-June, so get settled.  I want to talk about what I’m looking forward to about this year’s playoffs, but first I’ve got to talk about some complaints.  

The NBA playoffs are way too long.  First of all, I don’t like the 7 game series in basketball.  Most of these teams only play each other a total of 3 times during the regular season, I don’t think the 7 game series is really necessary in the postseason.  Let’s make every round a 5 game series.  You can leave the finals at 7 if you really want, I’ll concede that point because I’m generous like that.

Secondly, there isn’t enough parody.  In the last 3 postseasons, only four teams seeded fifth through eighth have advanced past the first round.  That’s four out of twenty-four.  This round has become fairly pointless.  I wouldn’t want to cut it out completely, because those teams deserve a playoff position.  So let’s cut the first round down to a 3 game series.  

This format would give the entire NBA playoffs a new sense of urgency, a do or die feeling that would keep a buzz going for every single game.  The NBA should be looking for a feel closer to March Madness.  No one feels like they need to know the score of the first game in a series of seven.  When the underdog wins the first game of a 3 games series, suddenly people are talking.

With that being said, here’s what I’m looking forward to in this year’s flawed NBA postseason.

  1. LeBron’s first playoffs.  This guy is legitimately the heir to Michael Jordan.  Top scorers are a dime a dozen, but this guy makes his teammates better.  Not to mention he’s on the same level as MJ when it comes to class and marketability.  It’s highly unlikely that his Cavs will make it past Detroit, but this is his first go around, and I won’t bother drawing another Jordan comparison with the whole losing to Detroit in the playoffs, you already thought of that on your own.
  2. The Clippers.  The worst franchise in American sports is suddenly making a run.  Sure they had to throw their last game against Memphis in order to set themselves up right, but cut them some slack!  Going against Denver is the only chance they have to advance to the second round.  Then, how great would it be if the Lakers got past the Suns for a little Los Angeles battle?  Actually, strike that, there’s no way the Clippers could ever win the battle of Los Angeles.
  3. Dallas taking out San Antonio.  Seriously, seeing these two division rivals face off in round 2 is kind of exciting.

Even though it’s flawed, there’s still a thing or two to look forward to.


One thought on “The Second Season

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