Power Up

I’ve tried hard not to comment on this dude, but there seems to be no way around it.

Of course I’m referring to Bonds, Barry Bonds.

Get off the guy already. All he has done is mash homers like they were super balls, alienate himself from teammates, media, and fans alike, adopt separate rules for himself in the clubhouse, slap down Matt Williams during BP, use his kids as media shields, support a mistress, show his hatred toward the Babe and baseball in general while playing the race card, and allegedly cheating by pumping himself full of bovine steroids as well as a cavalcade of other “supplements”.

English teachers, I know that’s a runon sentence. You have to admit it flows in kind of an internet blog sort of way.

I’m glad that Barry finally stood up for himself, threw down the gauntlet and said enough’s enough already regarding serious allegations made against him. The mlb is fining him $5k for wearing those Wonder Woman looking power bands……….er……….wrist bands.

You have to admire Barry for taking the bull by the horns (insert hilarious bovine steroid joke here) and appealing this travesty of a ruling. How can they expect the dude to play without his wrist bands?!? What is this the 1920’s? Should we expect to see Honus Wagner any time soon? Guys HAVE to be able to wear wrist bands man. And don’t even start thinking you’re going to outlaw finger wraps.

I strongly feel we should take a closer look at these wrist bands. Check for traces of magnets, rabbit’s foot, or maybe eye of newt.

Awww, who am I kidding? Barry wouldn’t do that.


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