Losing To Win Is Still Losing

Uhhhh, please tell me where I went wrong. I’ve always been taught that the goal is to try to win. Actually it went, “Intrinsic, I want you to go out there and do your best, be a good sport and teammate. But you better win because otherwise it’ll be a long drive home with me telling you the error of your ways.”

Ok, that last part was not verbalized, only realized.

But trust me, the lesson of playing and persevering has served me well. Odds and the score may be against you but when something gets in your way, you have to go over it, around it, under it, or right through it. Oh yeah, and keep your head on a swivel.

But you never quit. You know how that line goes too.

So why was there so much talk this week about losing to win in the NBA? You see some bad acting come out of this part of the country, but nothing near the sham that was the Clippers V. Grizzlies game.

As if benching marquee name players was not enough, they mixed in a fake comeback attempt and then one coach went ahead and got t’d up.

Why lose? Don’t ask me, but the reality was that many teams faced losing home court advantage if they won.

Even though I don’t understand willful losing in a competition, the blame for this dog and pony (mutt and nag) show rests firmly on the NBA’s shoulders.

It was the NBA that placed priority on Conference records over Division records. What is this, a new league where the schedulers are still working out the bugs? Why didn’t anyone throw up a “What If”, and see that this was possible, if not probable?

Maybe the worst part was the fact that this losing battle cry led poor little innocent Allen Iverson and Chris Webber astray. They must have misunderstood the memo, because they didn’t even show up until right before their game so they could ride the pine. Evidently, the Sixers didn’t want their plan to be that blatant, because Billy King (Sixers GM) is livid and talk is flying that one or both of those players could be traded.

All I ask is that they stay on the East Coast.


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