Doing The Splits

There has been a trend over the past few years in SoCal baseball that is quite unsettling. This has nothing to do with the dreaded “S” Word. I’m not sure if it’s going on in other markets or not.

It has everything to do with radio broadcasting of the games. I first noticed it quite a few years ago with the Dodgers’ radio broadcasts. Vin Scully would split up games with another broadcaster.

I figured that a legend like Vin Scully could do whatever the heck he wanted to do. I was fortunate to be able to listen to a living legend, and would much rather he extend his career by parceling job duties out.

Not too much further down the road, they added a third broadcaster to the mix and each took 3 innings, and would rotate innings during extra inning games.

I’ve come to realize in this still young season that the Angels are also splitting time between broadcasters.

I just don’t get it. It’s distracting, and interrupts the flow. The beauty of listening to a game on the radio is being able to visualize the action going on in the stadium as the audio comes out of your dash.

Before the proliferation of television coverage, you kept up with your team via radio in your living room, porch, or stoop. There were days you could taste the Cracker Jacks® and hot dogs, and sense momentum shifts.

Radio is a very intimate media, due to the fact that you actively listen to personalities and shows for longer periods of time which allows for stronger bonds to develop.

Having different commentators produces a feeling of baseball multiple personality disorder. Two commentators? Then you have two games within one. Mitch Hedberg put it best when he said, “Two was not meant to fit in one. That’s why two was created.”

Is it really that much stress to catch EVERY game with a team as your job? What do they do during the game when it’s not one of their innings? Pound Gatorade and get a mouth massage? Should Money, BiCoastal, and I schedule ourselves on a rotating basis? Heck no, we know we’re three of the luckiest boys alive (even with Knowledge Drop around) in getting to participate in the sporting world.

Some of you are asking yourselves, “Geesh, why doesn’t Intrinsic just relax and enjoy the game?” Frappmasters do not have the benefit of simple pleasures that civilians do. It’s all about deep thinking and analysis. And going after Chick Hearns’ Iron Man record.

We do take wiffle ball outings in the park though.

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