Pros Versus Joes

I know I’m not breaking new ground with this report, but for the 7 of you that don’t have cable television, here’s the classroom info:

Pros Vs. Joes is a competition on Spike TV where an armchair athlete Used To Be or Never Was, takes on retired pro athletes. You know the “barely missed the pros” guy that can be found on softball diamonds and basketball courts across the land. It doesn’t take too long in your conversation with him before he’s telling you how he’d have made the bigs except for his High School coach not liking him, or blowing out his knee, etc.

The episodes I’ve seen follow the same format, with the Ordinary Joes running weak smack that they never back up, and celebrate like they just won the Superbowl if they accidentally beat a Pro in a neutral sport like bicycle riding, or darts.

Some parts of episodes I’ve seen have been enjoyable, whether it’s the Joes trying to snatch a rebound against Dennis Rodman, getting juked outta their socks trying to tackle Jerry Rice, trying to score a touchdown against Kevin Greene, Bill Romanowski mad dogging everyone like he’s taken a bunch of diet pills, or trying to hit homeruns at Bo Jackson’s still impressive pace.

This is actually where we catch up to my stellar sports take.

I’m halfway paying attention while channel trolling and I come across P vs. J and then I pay attention because Bo is on it. Bo was one of the modern era supermen, playing two sports……and playing them well. And that’s not even factoring in his Tecmo Bowl prowess that BiCoastal’s reported on. He’s like Deion Sanders……….…….but good.

One of Bo’s first few lines in this episode took me back to what Bo really excelled at. Referring to himself in the third person. Ad campaigns were built around this gift of his.

So there’s a shot of Bo staring in the camera, and he says “I’m Bo Jackson, two sport athlete. Bo Jackson’s biggest fear is failure. And that word is not in his vocabulary.”

Priceless! Bring back Bo. Immediately.

He’s like the self stating third person guru of all athletes that follow.

Well, that’s all Intrinsic has for now. The only thing that IntrinicBent fears is a bad sports take with no relevance. Intrinsic is not worried that this will ever actually happen because he knows he’s brilliant. Intrinsic knows blogging.


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