Same Old Song and Dance

When I took my first writing class in college, the fundamental lesson I learned was when you have writer’s block you just need to write about what you know. Well, if I walk out of my apartment tomorrow and see the Pacific Ocean has dried up or my 1990 Acura Legend® has suddenly turned into a Ferrari, I might scratch my head for a few seconds before taking a drive downtown. But even if both of these freakish events happened I would still know that deep within me there is still a strong hatred for Barry Bonds.

Yeah, I’m back on that Barry hating train again; no surprise here. But let me say that there is nothing that pleases me more than seeing him struggle. Nine games into the season and number 25 is still without a homer. Now, in case you want the other facts that go along with this, here they are. The longest streak for starting a season without a homerun for the big-headed goon is 12. When did this happen? 1998. For those keeping track at home, this is the last year before his alleged (and I use alleged to save my butt from a lawsuit) steroid use began. Interesting…

Let’s keep scratching this little golden nugget of information. The fact that Bonds still hasn’t had a homer isn’t that big of deal. He has started many of seasons without a big bash over his career in his first 8 or so games. I believe the number is in and around 6 distinct seasons. But once again, what strikes me as interesting is that they all happened before the 1998 season. A devious grin has crept over my entire face.

For me, the steroid thing is what it is. There are a lot more players who are guilty of such actions. I just don’t want this guy breaking the Babe Ruth mark, not to mention the Hammer’s record. The game of baseball and its fans deserve more out of their legends. So if Bonds hits a few more, oh well. I just hope A-Rod or Griffey follow closely behind.


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