Return On Investment

When you make an investment, you want to buy low and sell high. Or take a raw resource, refine it, add value, and sell it for a profit.

It seems the Lakers are not interested in doing any selling when it comes to one of last year’s draft assets, Andrew Bynum.

The Lakers drafted this 17 year old kid 10th in the first round, hired Kareem Abdul Jabbar to mentor him in the ways of the Center, and then hired Mr. Phil Jackson as coach for good measure.

Bynum has showed improved strength and footwork and at times has shown a fearlessness that’s fun to watch. He’s no George Mikan (Shaq for you younger readers) yet, but the force is strong with this one.

It’s rumored that the Lakers did not land Ron Artest earlier this season because the Pacers were intent on including Bynum in the deal. The latest rumor/suggestion in Laker land, mainly by journalists, is that if Kevin Garnett is to be traded from the TWolves the Lakers should not hesitate to deal Smush Parker, Bynum, Chris Mihm, and their first pick in the 2006 draft to land him.

I guess this falls under, “Never Say Never”. But the experts at the Sports Frappe are not sure. And we know how you look to us for direction in these things.

It will be an interesting off season again for the Lakers as they contemplate their next move(s).

In the meantime, Bynum has already grown……literally and figuratively. He has grown 1-2 inches (depending on which report you believe) and packed on 15 pounds.

Ahhh, to be young again……….when growth is measured by height…….and not girth.


One thought on “Return On Investment

  1. intrinsic – just checkin’ in! been very busy – reading up and have to say – the ‘wolves are gonna want lamar, andrew, smush and the #1 –dr. buss told mason & ireland (the big show) that he “has the two superstars needed” for a championship team – he’s more concerned about the pieces around the womanizing ballhog wearing #8 and the infrequent star lamar –


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