The Ultimate Drop In

I’m here to dispel a fallacy. Just because you’re Old Skool, does not necessarily mean that you don’t have the aptitude to follow a new trend, sport, or other modern event.

Case in point: I love following many of the self described adrenaline junkie or X Game type sports. I may not be down with all the lingo but I usually learn enough to bring up the topic and then drop a few terms on my kids just to see their eyes roll. That’s a sport I feel I invented. I am trademarking the name DER (pronounced DURRRR) which stands for Dependent Eye Roll. So far, I’ve managed to get their eyes to roll 45 and 90 degrees. I’m working on getting them to go 180. It will involve me running around with no shirt on and rapping, but that’s all I can say about it now.

I love the half pipe events, freestyle, and of course street luge. I have a soft spot for that two person sport where the one dude jumps out of a plane with a snowboard on and the other guy has a helmet cam on and gets scored for filming it. Hey, I never said I knew what the name of it was.

I’m not like some of my old skool brethren with the mindset of “Why don’t you just drive your car into an oncoming train and call that a sport?” C’mon, do you think the old people were keen on folks running around like idiots throwing stuff into peach baskets before the sport of basketball took off?

The glaring difference with my interest in these sports is that I enjoy them without ever having done any of them. I wouldn’t even try any of them once.

I can remember my Uncle having a skateboard when I was a kid. It was a narrow elliptical piece of wood attached to four very small, very metal, and very cheesy wheels. That is a very fleeting memory.

Then while in High School, skateboarding caught on with my younger brothers’ age group and soon they were sporting plastic type boards with huge colored poly “mags.” I never could make it work, and I felt at 16 I was way too old (and cool by the way) to be seen around my neighborhood sitting on it and screaming, “Whee!”

Skateboarding seemed to die another death (at least in Oklahoma) but I soon became aware that it’s heartbeat was on the West Coast.

Now the tricks and stunts are sicker and more unbelievable than ever. The bar keeps getting raised and the envelope pushed further.

Which brings this reporter to his report.

San Diego area (Encinitas) native Danny Way is setting the standard for all future skaters. This 32 year old is a cross between Tony Hawk and Evel Knievel.

On April 6th, Danny jumped out of a cherry picker that was on the guitar neck of the Hard Rock Hotel sign in Las Vegas, and just happened to be 84 feet in the air. He set a Guiness Book of World Records’ record for free falling onto a ramp successfully. The previous record was 12 feet and 3.6 inches (are you kidding me with the .6?).

Proving there was a Way (had to do it), Danny fell 28 feet. He bailed out after the successful landing because he felt the ramp was not tall enough to sustain his high rate of speed. Hey, his prerogative if you ask me.

The weird thing in the story was that it states he was successful on his fourth attempt. My desire is to have the details of the first three tries, but I guess that’s just demented, ‘cuz there’s no mention of them anywhere.

Danny has also had other small accomplishments in his sport like jumping onto a ramp out of a helicopter, and oh yeah, jumping the Great Wall Of China. No kidding!

The most amazing thing is that this has all been accomplished by an extreme athlete with a fear of heights!

That’s something I can relate to for sure. I’ve had to take the backwards walk of shame down a slide’s ladder after chewing off more than I could bite, or something like that. There’s no worse hazing a kid can take than the comments from disgusted kids that are having to back themselves down off a ladder. And that was just the girls. It doesn’t take long for the encouraging comments of “you can do it” to turn to more aggressive “urgings” that are better left untyped.

It’s not really peer pressure when you’re at the top of that Kong slide knowing there ain’t no way you’re going down. It’s more like back pressure from the line behind you.

That last paragraph basically restated the previous one, didn’t it? I’m gonna leave it there and label it “emphasis”.

Another weird thing in the article was the fact that Robin Leach was there. Bizarre. Remind me to tell you about a run in I had with Mr. Leach in the Vegas airport sometime. It seems that the caviar and champagne dreams line is basically crap. Homeboy was waiting on a Southwest flight just like yours truly. Maybe that line should have something to do with peanut dreams, or goober naps.

But once again, I digress.


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