Opening Day vs. March Madness

I won’t be the first sports blogger to say this, but the NCAA championship and MLB opening day really need to stop overlapping.  March Madness should actually end in March, and opening day oughta be April 1st.  That’s just the way it is.  These are two special occasions, and they need their own separate days to be celebrated.

That being said, how great is it to have baseball back?  There’s just something about Daylight Savings Time, baseball, and steroid allegations that say, “Summer’s just around the corner.”

Baseball’s opening day is unlike any other sport.  I think it’s because on that day, your daily routine for the next six months drastically changes.  Baseball doesn’t leave you alone on the weekdays like football.  You’ll be catching highlights and reading boxscores every night right up until your team gets knocked out in October, (or June if you’re a Baltimore fan).  

There’s something about Baseball Tonight that I find so comforting.  The confident voice of Peter Gammons elicits a feeling in my soul, assuring me that winter is over and I don’t have to pretend to care about professional basketball anymore.  Even Harold Reynolds, who is probably the worst sports prognosticator in history, doesn’t get on my nerves this time of year.

That being said, how ‘bout some predictions of my own: Cardinals over White Sox in 6, the AL wild card will come from the west, and Barry Bonds will sit out of more games than those he homers in.  


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