A Tale Of Two Blogs

All sports fans have an innate desire to know their favorite players on, and off the court, field, diamond, octagon, ring, or ice.

Many a kid grew up putting themselves in imaginary real game situations with or against their favorite players. If you ever played basketball it went something like this, “Intrinsic receives the bounce pass from Erving in the paint and pulls up with 3 seconds on the clock. 3..2..1….and it’s good! It’s good! They win the championship!

There’s a version for every sport. I always came through by the way. I reset the same script until my effort fit the script. Sometimes it took 7 or 8 shots to get the desired effect. It was always magical.

I know at this point some of you are whining, “Thanks for taking us back to your weak childhood circa 1974 Intrinsic.”

Here’s the meat.

We want to feel like athletes want us in their lives as much as we want them in ours. Never the case by the way, but don’t break the illusion.

It seems our high tech age should facilitate this desire into being, doesn’t it?

But, not always. In the late nineties, and even now you’ll hear of athletes doing live online chats which equates to a glorified Q&A session. This year, AT&T is hosting webisodes that feature NBA players in their offcourt settings. An NBA Cribs of sorts.

The past few years we’ve seen the proliferation of weblogs, or blogs like the one you love to read here. This should be the vehicle that delivers the intimacy that fans crave so bad.

The reality is that you must grade these player offerings blog by blog.

Take Carson Palmer’s blog. I found out about this after he was devastated with injury during his first playoff game. This was intriguing to me because as someone living in SoCal, I loosely followed his USC career. I read with enthusiasm on my first visit as Carson made a commitment to me to share how rehab was going with him. Wow! Carson wants to share with me!

As you can see, Mr. Palmer still offers the same unfulfilled pledge.

Thanks for letting us in bro. Who says guys are afraid of intimacy? I may have gotten a clue if I’d have read an earlier post welcoming me to his website. Uh, it’s a blog CP, and there’s a difference.

Now for the other end of the spectrum.

Tim Salmon has long been my favorite Los Angeles Angel of Anaheim player. BiCoastal made me aware that ESPN was hosting a blog for the Kingfish as he made a run to make it back to the bigs after more than a year off rehabbing from two surgeries.

I was stoked to find articles covering his spring training progress, his response to the tragic passing of Kirby Puckett (Puckett called him Sam Bam), the difficulty of juggling spring training and family, as well as his reasons for waiving a clause in his contract which held the Angels to a use me or lose me type deadline.

After getting to know my new close and personal friend Tim, I now can assume that he has not posted in a while because of how intensely he focuses on his craft as the season takes off.

See how a good blog works? It makes you feel attached, like you’re part of the family.

The Sports Frappe only links to the best y’all.

I check my friend Tim’s blog often waiting for him to post my invitation to his house for lunch. Or for which games he is leaving tickets for me at will-call.

Think I should have him over for dinner in late October after the Halos win the series?


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