On Being Wrong

Sometimes, you’re going to be wrong; that’s one thing I’ve learned while writing for the Frappe. Sometimes, I’m extremely happy about the blogs I didn’t post. For instance, yesterday I was overheard saying, “LSU is taking the championship, forget about it.” Boy am I glad I didn’t type up that little gem for all of the Frappe universe to mock one day later. I was going to say something about UCLA winning two ugly games last weekend, and that the legitimate athleticism LSU brings to the table would be like a punch to the mouth.

As it turned out, UCLA went for LSU’s gut, running the court so fast that Glen Davis called a time out for the sole purpose of getting his 310 pound butt on the bench. UCLA clearly knew what part of their game they wanted to attack, sealing the Frappe’s vote for Ben Howland as coach of the year, by the way.

But as for Monday night’s final between UCLA and Florida, you won’t hear BiCoastal Bias take a stance. I didn’t have either of these teams making it out of the Elite Eight, so I’ve got no reason to think I know what they’re going to do now. I take comfort in the fact that the only people I know who had either of these two going to the championship were UCLA fans, and to them I say,
“Chhh . . . lucky.”

This whole tournament has been a good reminder of something; I guess that’s why we play the games, right? The stats printed on paper are only a smidgeon of the story; sometimes I forget that while filling out my bracket.


One thought on “On Being Wrong

  1. IAm responds:I enjoy your honesty concerning the inability to determine the winner of the final two. Who Wuda thunk it; except UCLA and Florida fans. Three weeks ago I thought I had the advantage over my UCLA friends because I knew they would vote with their heart putting the Bruins in the final four. In the mean time, with my great insight to the game, I knew they would lose in the 2nd round, while the young JayHawks would be a repeat of the historical Freshman team from Michigan.Isn’t that why we love the March to Madness. What is great is that UCLA has Ben Howland, who appears to be in the same mold as the great John Wooden; who incidentially I have a picture of with my two boys. IAm


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