Sweet Sixteen or Sweet Sleep?

Did anyone else feel like everything happened too fast on Thursday night?  During the Texas vs. West Virginia game, my mind barely had time to get excited over the idea of overtime following Pittsnogle’s three pointer, before Texas had already answered with their own to end that thought.

Then Gonzaga’s glorious run was brought down to ruins by the Bruins within a matter of seconds: a bad foul call off a rebound, a steal and a layup, absolute mayhem, and then Adam Morrison weeping in public. My roommate wanted an explaination after falling asleep but I couldn’t find the words to explain what happened.

Is anyone else like me, where sometimes you just feel like the game ended the wrong way?  I’ll admit, the fact that I picked Gonzaga as a Final Four team had something to do with my disappointment.  Nonetheless, UCLA winning that game just didn’t feel right.  And it all happened in such a flash, I couldn’t even sleep last night because my brain wouldn’t stop replaying the action.  It’s only the Sweet Sixteen, and a school night at that!  Save it for next weekend, let us get our sleep now while we still can.


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