Place Kicker Swap Meet

Certain free agent moves should be outlawed.  Normally, you would hear this type of talk from one of the Frappe’s older bloggers, (ahem-Intrinsic, excuse me), since members of my generation grew up in the hay-day of free agency.  But Adam Vinatieri signing with the Indianapolis Colts is not only tough to stomach, it’s just tough to imagine.  Mr. Clutch joining a team of chokers?  This was clearly not a approved transaction.

This move could have a spot waiting for it in the “Hall of Terrible Off Season Signings” if Vanderjagt completes this high profile place kicker swap.  Here in Boston, we’ll miss Vinatieri; although I’ll miss his Ford F-150 commercials about as much as I’ll miss Bronson Arroyo’s music career; but getting the hated Vanderjagt as a replacement would vault this move ahead of Johnny Damon’s clean shaven tryst with Steinbrenner as daggers in Boston fans’ hearts this year.

I just don’t think that these NFL front offices understand that there is only so much that we fans can take.  If during the next AFC championship game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots, Mike Vanderjagt lines up for a game tying field goal, I just might go into some sort of mentally confused state, holding onto my couch trying to decide what is real and what is only going on in my head.


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