Japan and Me

What do the BiCoastal Bias and the nation of Japan have in common?  We’re both a little frustrated with American umpires.  Sunday’s refereeing blunder brought back memories of a certain umpire’s third strike non-call in the Angels-White Sox ALCS.  (I won’t mention his name for the same reason history textbooks shouldn’t print the name of presidential assassins.)

I’ll even admit, however, that Japan’s case is much worse than my Angels.  I mean, not only did this ump make the wrong call, he reversed the right call after getting a complaint from the U.S. manager.  That leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.  I couldn’t even bring myself to route for my home country after that one.

So now I’ve suddenly bonded with the Japanese squad; but it’s not as if I needed an extra reason to be riveted to this tournament.  Who could’ve expected Korea to be the last undefeated team?  And how else would I have found out that Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are arch rivals?  The Latin American pool has been fascinating.  After the DR eliminated Venezuela tonight, they acted like they’d just won a pennant.  Expect Cuba vs. Puerto Rico on Wednesday night to hold just as much intensity.

Here’s the strangest outcome of the WBC so far: a Boston newspaper with a picture of A-Rod hitting the game winning single with the caption, “Our Hero?”


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