NFL Labor

It’s only March, but the prospect of an NFL work stoppage has already got me thinking.  I’m getting this panicky feeling inside every time the ESPN ticker shows “NFL labor talks called off,” during the UNC-Duke game.  (This brings up another issue: sure North Carolina and Duke is the best rivalry in college basketball and arguably the best rivalry in American sports.  But is that really justification for ESPN to air the game on all 8 of its channels?  Do we as viewers really need to be able to access any camera angle we want by flipping the channel?  And does Dick Vitale need to iterate the differences between the various stations after each dunk?)

Anyhow, an NFL strike or lockout would be a catastrophic scenario, the kind you could write a great movie script for kind of like, “The Day After Tomorrow,” or something.  The NFL really is its own nation, economically speaking I’m sure most countries would love to have a Gross National Product on par with the NFL’s annual intake.  Come to think of it, an NFL work stoppage would compare pretty well to the Gandhi led strike that shut down the entire nation of India for a couple weeks, bringing the British Empire to its knees.  A message to the NFL: we here at the Frappe are ready to compromise, make us an offer, we just want to see you all play.

Since this I the month of March, however, this break in negotiating doesn’t put us in danger of a lack of football, yet.  Instead, I’m told that the salary cap implications could lead to anarchy for this free agent signing period.  By no means is this Ph.D. student able to understand, let alone explain, why this would be; but what I do know is, anarchy sounds kind of exciting.  Could we see a free agent play for two different teams simultaneously?  The possibilities are keeping me up at night.  

As long as football continues to be played, I guess the other repercussions can’t be that bad.  In fact, as bad as the refereeing was last playoff season, a little anarchy might be a welcome change.


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