We’re Not Talking About This

We know why you tuned into the Frappe today: you want to know why you saw a clip of Barry Bonds dressed in drag earlier this week.  Well, we here at the Frappe don’t know either, not to mention the fact that we don’t care.  To be honest, I’m starting to feel a bit uncomfortable even looking at that picture.

The fact is, it’s just too easy.  Money Mouth already did a pretty handy job ripping into the nation’s best hitter, and that was before this little episode.  There’s no point in waxing philosophic on how badly this man needs attention, that he’ll go to weird and bizarre lengths to promote . . . his own ego.  Forget about it, we’re not diving into the depths of Barry’s psyche, analyzing Freudian style what this says about his relationship to his mother.

You don’t need the cheesy headline, “Barry chases ‘The Babe’ while dressing like one.”  So we won’t give it to you.  Instead, we’ll just celebrate the start of a Bonds-free (and hopefully drag-free) World Baseball Classic.


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