The Worm (Doesn’t) Turn

I’m traveling for business this week and doing my usual hunkering over my laptop in the hotel room with cable sports rolling in the background.

Strictly Speaking comes on and they have a round table on the tired subject of gambling in sports, taking advantage of the latest Hockey debacle allegedly including Janet Gretzky. A hot topic. Three weeks ago.

The panel includes a recovering degenerate gambler, an “expert” that seems to flop from one side to the other while clumsily trying to pimp his website, and none other than NBA champion Dennis Rodman.

Regardless of your thoughts on Rodman, childlike addict or tremendous defensive warrior, he is an intriguing presence who speaks his mind, whether you like it or not.

I’m typing (see pecking) away and listening and The Worm’s position seems to be anti-gambling, the tragedy of poker’s glorification for kids’ consumption, and the fact that athletes have huge competitive appetites which are accommodated by folks either preying off of them or allowing different pro athlete rules.

I then decide to look up at the TV for the first time to see that Rodman is sporting advertising via hat and shirt both prominently displaying the name of an online gambling “palace”.

Reminds me of what my Grandad used to say: “The only thing worse than finding The Worm on your team, is finding half of The Worm on your team.”

Or something like that.


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