Let Her Be

For those of you keeping score at home, the Frappe has taken on the burden of defense for Shani Davis, the entire sport of curling, and now, Lindsay Jacobellis.  

If you’re like me, you fell in love with this female snowboarder during her Dunkin’ Donuts commercial.  Coffee and snowboarding, two wonderful creations, and there was Lindsay bringing these separate worlds together.  But lately, she’s gotten some negative publicity.  If you’re pretending to ignore the winter Olympics like Money Mouth, I’ll humor you and fill you in.  Lindsay was competing in the Snowboard Cross event.  This is a race between four snowboarders on a course that features multiple jumps, (no points for style).  There was a collision early on in Lindsay’s race, resulting in her taking a 50 yard lead over the next closest competitor.  On the second to last jump, Lindsay grabbed her board, performing what some might call a “method grab.”  She biffed the landing, allowing a Swiss athlete just enough time to take the gold.  

Yes, the move she pulled was unnecessary, but what’s wrong with that?  After watching the replay, I don’t think we can assert that her grabbing her board directly resulted in her falling upon landing.  It appears that everything was back in place in time to land, she just ended up off balance and found herself on her back.  She very likely would have still fallen had she taken the jump normally, or as at like to call it, “boring-style.”  So really, she showboated a little bit and then didn’t get the gold; while embarrassing, it hardly warrants the public humiliation she is currently enduring.

Get off her back, America!  She didn’t get her gold, that’s punishment enough, no reason to pour salt in her wounds.  Besides, most of you either don’t think snowboarding should be an Olympic sport, or you are claiming ambivalence about the entire international competition.  So what are you complaining about?


3 thoughts on “Let Her Be

  1. IAm Responds:I saw her being interviewed on the Today show. She admits that she lost her concentration and regrets the mistake; but, she fulfilled her dream which ws to bring home a medal. Her only regret is that it was not the gold and can only blame herself. It is about participating in a great world event that is worth all of the medals a person can win. The world of nonparticipants have no ground upon which they can object. I say congratulations!IAm


  2. I have no ill will toward Lindsay. In most of the winter type competitions you must be a risk taker to achieve as Lindsay did. I say congratulations!Just like I said and I can only presume Iam said, Congratulations to Leon Lett, who while playing for the Dallas Cowboys in a Super Bowl scooped up a fumble and started thundering down the field for a sure TD, only to have an opposition player knock the ball out of his hand as he was ‘showboating with a 1 hand reach out’ before crossing the endzone. UncaLar


  3. IAm:Well, UncaLar, you make a very good point. I can neither agree with nor congratulate Leon Lett.I want to make excuses for Lindsay because she does not make the big bucks and she only damaged her own pride; not a team that had worked together for 7 long months to reach their goal.IAm is now Not sure who to congratulate!


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