Speed Skating and Terrell Owens

     It wasn’t very long ago that I was telling you all that I don’t care about the Winter Olympics.  Well, I still stand by that claim even though I found myself watching the men’s 1000 meter speed skating tonight.  Let me just say it certainly wasn’t by choice.  When you live with 4 other guys, majority always wins out when sitting around the TV.  Thus, I pick my battles so I can be sure to catch shows like “How I Met Your Mother” or “Myth Busters.”  Considering that I was half asleep already, I bit my lip and allowed the images to flash in front of me.  

So, like I said, I found myself watching speed skating.  More specifically, I found myself listening to the story surrounding Shani Davis and the men’s pursuit team.  In case you were unaware (and I obviously wasn’t), Davis chose not to race on the men’s pursuit team because he wasn’t brought to Torino to skate in the men’s pursuit.  Unfortunately for the men’s pursuit team, they didn’t even clear qualifiers and consequently, Davis took a lot of heat over the situation from fellow USA skater Chad Hedrick who called Davis selfish because “any time you get a chance to skate for your country, you should take it.”  

I, like Hedrick, was a little upset by Davis’ actions when I heard about them at first.  I’m always riding people like Barry Bonds or Shaq who seem to find a way to make the situation about them and not about the team.  At first, I saw no difference in Shani Davis and Terrell Owens.  But then again, Davis never claimed he would skate in the team pursuit in the first place.  In fact, he said he hadn’t even heard about it till a week prior.  So why should I, or even Hedrick, expect him to sacrifice the chance to skate his best in the 1000 meters, the event he specifically came to Torino for in exchange for a poorly organized team event?  

As my roommates rooted for Hedrick to keep his early lead in first place, I began to find myself pulling for the “selfish idiot” as my roommates chose to label him.  Shani Davis came to Torino as the favorite in the 1000m and I wanted him to prove it.  Our country deserves the best from our athletes, but our athletes don’t deserve to be abused like rag dolls.  Luckily, Shani Davis did just that: he gave his best, took the gold, and saved me from looking like a fool for defending a guy I know nothing about.  


One thought on “Speed Skating and Terrell Owens

  1. i was totally rooting for shani as well… When popular opinion sways so far against somebody – i like to be the one that’s not going to judge an athlete for what could very well be a series of misunderstandings… at least that’s what i say.. really i just like to argue


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