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I watched my first curling match this evening.  I had only heard of curling before, and always in the context of “I can’t believe this is an Olympic sport.”  But after watching just one stone, I was simply mesmerized.  At that moment, I knew that the burden of defending curling was being passed on to me.  

After I had let out about 5 or 6 shouts of glee at the U.S. team’s performance, only to be met with negative comments from the announcers, I decided that I’d probably better look up the rules online.  This was a bad idea.  It’s kind of like finally getting English subtitles on the Spanish channel, only to discover that what you’ve been laughing at this whole time really isn’t all that funny.  (To do the same, Click Here.)

I regret to inform you that the state of U.S. curling is not strong.  The low point of the match came in the 9th end, where Pete Fenson had the throw.  With a virtually empty house, all Fenson had to do was take one point to tie it up, putting a little bit of pressure on Italy who had the draw in the final end.  Fenson air-balled, giving Italy the point and handing them the game.

The bright side of the match was the best player on Italy’s rink, Retoraz.  At 22 years of age, this kid is the future of curling.  Unless of course, my curling career takes off.  Retoraz, you just might meet me in 2010.


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