What’s In A Name?

Think Candlestick Park and what does that name conjure up?  For me it was a rare opportunity to see the Say Hey kid play on a rare televised baseball game.  Before Hank Aaron caught fire, it was the Giant’s Willie Mays that gave a serious run at the Babe’s home run record before his skills diminished.

I usually think change is a good thing.  But I have to tell you that there is a trend in baseball, and sports in general that I can’t get with.  

It’s the corporate facility naming rights sponsorship.  It’s Big Business slapping their brand on the wall of your favorite team’s field, stadium, or gym.  These spaces used to be reserved for the team, the town the team resided in, or a past legend that had meant something special to the town or team.

Let’s stay with baseball as our example because of all American sports, baseball seems to value tradition most.  Let’s also go back to what we’ll call Giant’s Field………for now.

I understand to compete in this day and age of modern professional sports that sometimes it’s necessary to relocate into a new state of the art facility.

I guess I even understand building a stadium near the water where a bunch of misfits can sit in the bay in a canoe, usually with a helmet (is a helmet really necessary?) waiting to slap the water with their paddles like a maniac at the first sign of a homerun ball.  The irony here is that an official NL baseball at any memorabilia/card shop can be had for $10 – $12.  Of course after it is waterlogged, the value goes down to about $1.29.  It’s safe to say that I don’t see these guys as big of “fans” as they do.  They are to fans what Star Wars geeks are to astronauts.

Home stadiums should be part of tradition.  Your Mom and Dad don’t have new names every other time you go to their house.  It would kill your lineage and feeling of belonging, wouldn’t it?

Other than millions of dollars, why should a team’s fans have to endure having a yard go from Pacbell Park to SBC Park to AT&T Park?

It’s only a matter of time until a player resembles a NASCAR driver when he strolls to the plate with endorsements from head to toe.

Why are we doomed to repeat our mistakes?  Did we not learn from history?  Of course, I’m spelling history E-N-R-O-N   F-I-E-L-D.


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