February Doldrums

Welcome to the worst two weeks of the sporting calendar. It hit me on Wednesday afternoon, (when apparently the biggest sports news story was whether or not Michelle Wie should get an exemption for the U.S. women’s open), that this time of year is the most boring for us sports fans. (Michelle, you know I love you, but our market research has shown that most Frappers . . . well . . . don’t.)

Winter brought us the best college bowl season since the inception of the BCS, followed by the always engaging NFL playoffs. But after Monday’s typical water cooler conversations of “Boy were those Super Bowl refs terrible,” and “What was your favorite commercial?” we officially entered the doldrums of February, that will stick around up until pitchers and catchers report. I wonder if the creators of Valentine’s Day intentionally chose a date on which no sporting events exist for men to use as an excuse to opt out of expensive dinners.

I know, I know, I could be watching the NBA or the NHL regular seasons . . . but why would I want to do that? Then there’s always college basketball, but watching those games just makes me wish it were March. I guess I could get all interested in this NHL players gambling scandal, but I seem to be missing what’s so scandalous about people betting on a sport they have nothing to do with.

On the bright side, I think I will actually watch the Winter Olympics next week. I realize other Frappe writers have come out to trash talk this international competition, but I’m going to treat this event like a vacation from sports. Since I don’t really care who wins, I won’t have my emotional state fractured by the outcomes. And since most of the time I have little idea what’s going on, I can’t get mad at the judges. It’s the perfect little segue, taking us right into March Madness and Spring Training.

No matter how you view it, it’s much better than arguing over whether or not Joe Montana should have participated in Sunday’s pregame ceremonies, which is probably the next topic Knowledge Droppings will throw at us anyways.


2 thoughts on “February Doldrums

  1. This may not be the typical Slow Feb. considering that NCAA Bball with few dominating teams, the post season conference tourney’s should give us basketball at it’s best. Then of course I have to dodge theBozeman Bookie who is trying to give 3-1 odds that the NHL will have to suspend “The Great One” for the remainder of season. With all that action heating up, we may decide we just l-o-v-e watching the likes of Michelle Kwan doing her triple axle with half toe loop yada yada just to calm us down some.. Then the catchers & pitchers can report. May Mickey Mantle and coach Rod Dedeaux (USC Coach)rest in peace. Montana Mike


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