With My Mind On My Money And My Money On My Mind

I think the two week gap we had to wait for the Super Bowl this year was perfect from a spacing standpoint. As far as the media milking themselves dry of meaningful topics and storylines, that usually takes about three days. This year it shrunk to two days which is about the time that it took for everyone to get ill hearing about Jerome Bettis going home and trying to get a ring before he retires. Yada, yada, yada.

The Super Bowl is THE game of the world. It is the Kong competition in all of sports in scope, hype, pizza sales, and drama. It was the first championship contest that rendered the fallen team a huge loser instead of considering them second place in the land. In many ways, this game epitomizes America itself. The beauty, and warts.

So I’m watching Leno earlier this week, and Snoop Dogg comes on and starts talking about how he’s been a Steelers fan since he was a kid. What?

The Frappe is officially placing you on our bandwagon watch. You’ve been spotted in more colors of jerseys than David Wells and Nick Van Exel combined.

C’mon Snoopaloop, first you form a group called The Eastsidaz, then you won’t even run to the quad with us.

What’s next, you gonna cut one of those American ballad records with your boy Rod Stewart? Or will People magazine run pictures of you and P. Diddy playing tennis? Or will you just follow your favorite receiver Jerry Rice to Dancing With The Stars? Which Jerry did you prefer, the one that played on your favorite 49ers team or your favorite Raiders team? You do know he played for the Seahawks don’t you?

Later in the week, Snoop was on Fox Sports’ BDSSP talking about how Coach Cowher told him he was unofficially an official coach for the Steelers. Uhh, that’s called a spectator, bro.

SoCal is full of banged up sports fans that get injured constantly from jumping on and off the old bandwagon.


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