The Denver Raiders?

Yeah, I know……if you’re a Broncos’ fan, them’s fighting words.  But hear me out on this for a minute.

Number one, I’m not sure that any Head Coach of a major sport can add General Manager duties to his task list and perform effectively as a Coach and GM.  Often times it leads to a watering down in both positions and ultimate franchise meltdown.

Is it possible that Shanahan’s time spent working for Al Davis rubbed off on him?  Denver fans and management should have a contingency plan in place in the event that Shanahan starts sporting those funky jumpsuits Davis lives in.

Shanahan rescued Jake Plummer out of the desolate desert of Arizona to replace Bob Griese’s kid.  This move looked like it was bearing fruit this year until the wheels (hooves) fell off against the AFC champion Steelers in the playoffs.  This project (Plummer) is still only a project at this point.  It appeared to this humble genius that Plummer melted faster than a popsicle in a sauna in his biggest game as a professional.  This has been a recurring QB theme for mile high fans since number 7 retired.  I guess going separated at birth with Johnny Damon this year didn’t help break Plummer’s version of his curse either.

The Broncos picked up hard hitting safety John Lynch from Al Davis’ other dysfunctional son Jon Gruden.  This was a solid pickup, no denying that.  Scoreboard Coach Shanahan.  But it was like 7’6” Manute Bol blocking a shot in the paint.  Easy.

If he would have stopped his Davism there, you could dismiss me as a hater and would be able to stop reading here.  C’mon Frapper, you know I’m setting you up to take your knees out from under you.

Maurice Clarett.

I could close my laptop now and walk away knowing that the reality of my insight has dazzled you and made you sit in front of your monitor, mouth slightly agape.
But I’m not done yet.  

Some of you apologists are thinking, “yeah Intrinsic, but Clarett was worth a roll of the dice if he would have turned it around he might have been a low cost high yield performer.”

Maybe, but somehow the player that looked, acted, and sounded like a malcontent ended up being………………………….well, a malcontent.  Plus who talks like that? (low cost high yield performer, that is)

I submit that the Broncs did take a hit on that one.  At minimum, it focused the spotlight on the franchise and coach/GM.  For all the wrong reasons.

There are much scarier warning signs coming out of the Bronco’s franchise recently.  What about reports that Shanahan has expressed interest in T.O. and/or Ricky Williams?  Danger, Will Robinson.

Why screw up a team that looks close by bringing in the Terrell Owens circus?  Hang on to the memories of that past solid citizen Terrell (Davis), and don’t risk tainting the team you’ve worked so hard to get back into contention shape.  And yes, I’ve heard the argument that goes, “Shanahan won’t play that, look how he broke off Clarett.”  I have two words for that argument: Philadelphia Eagles.  Are they better for having experienced the T.O. road show?

As far as Ricky Williams, I admire that he seems to have centered himself, given up the hippy lettuce and now seemingly says and does the right things.  I’m a huge believer in second chances.  But I saw someone in Williams this past season that was a shadow of his former self.  He is a big roll of the dice.  

It is a very fine line between being a playoff contender and being a team that’s taken giant backward progress steps.  Taking huge gambles on players will usually swing you hard in one of these directions.  And often times kill chemistry and coaching jobs along the way.

Here’s hoping Darth Vader doesn’t start showing up in your stands Bronco fans.



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