In the Balcony

So my roommate got us free tickets to the Celtics vs. Suns game last night; as I’ve been wanting to go to a Celtics game since I’ve moved here, I accepted the offer.  I’ve only been to a handful of NBA games in my life, as I’m not quite a big enough basketball fan to dole out the cash needed to attend these events.  I got even more excited when I noticed the price listed on our complimentary tickets, $45.  Finally, I was going to see how the other half lives.  

Apparently, the other half really likes to sit as high up as possible, because our seats turned out to be in the “balcony.”  I figured NBA games were kind of like the old theatre, where the rich folks sat in their balcony boxes, or whatever it is they’re called.  For the first half, we sat up on our perch, and squinted to watch a terrible half of basketball.  The hometown team was greeted with boos as they allowed the Suns any perimeter shot they so desired, while on the offensive end of the court, their ball-movement was akin to Al Bundy’s Sunday exercise routine.  The Suns halftime lead: 21 points.

Don’t worry, this isn’t an “NBA sucks” blog, we don’t do that here at the Frappe; but only because the second half got a whole lot more interesting.  

Think there’s no defense in the NBA?  The C’s started off the 3rd quarter by shutting out the league’s best ranked offense for 4 minutes.  Think superstars don’t hustle?  Don’t tell Paul Pierce that, who outscored the whole Phoenix roster in the 3rd, 20 to 16, while single-handedly willing his team back into a game the entire arena had given up on.

It helped my perspective that sometime in the second half, my roommate and I decided to give up our prestigious balcony seats, and find a seat on the floor level with the commoners.  I was quite surprised then, to find Troy Brown of the New England Patriots only a few rows away from us, I have a whole new respect for this celebrity whose unafraid to watch a game with the rest of the average Joes sitting courtside.  

In the end, the Celtics still lost.  It was a career night for Pierce, who scored 40 points, and yet he still found a way to prove that he’s not a fourth quarter player, missing two layups and 3 of 4 foul shots in the final frame.  But the night was definitely complete, right down to a “Wally sucks” chant taking the place of the normal Boston sports fans’ Yankees suck mantra.  (Wally Szczerbiak, the newest member of the Celtics, was 1 for 9 on the night, proving that yes, he could use some improvement.)

The lesson learned:  show up at halftime and don’t go up more than one set of escalators no matter what your ticket says.


One thought on “In the Balcony

  1. Good Human Interest Column. Have been watching the Frappe for awhile and assumed you all were up at Motown for the week to take in the Super Bowl.Always enjoy reading BiCoastal & Intrinsic columns… Schools still out on MoneyMouth.LB of KC


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