Dance Baby

I’m doing something that’s taboo in the Frappe.  I make it a practice to never take on the BiCoastal Wonder.  But I have a take that’s dying to get out.  So, I’ve been doing mad reps reading the dictionary so hopefully I can get this out and represent the Old Skool.

In regards to halftime shows.  Justine and JJ’s malfunction should kill any “popular” performances by the flavor of the month.

I don’t know why they ever did away with the “Up With People” performances anyway.

I’ve got the best ever idea for the halftime show this year.

Dance Dance Revolution.

You have a crowd of teens crowded around that one kid performing at midfield.  You know the kid I’m referring to.  He’s at every arcade I’ve ever stumbled into accidentally.

Here’s the scene:

Most times he’s super skinny.  Sometimes I catch the slightly pudgy version.  There’s a stack of quarters on the machine, which means my man owns it for a while.  He has one of his shirts draped over the rail and the one he’s sporting is drenched with sweat, complete with the mandatory pit stains.  He has a strained look on a face that’s tight with concentration.  This face is also mucho sweaty.  And it’s getting all up in his glasses.

Homeboy is criss crossing his feet and racking up mad points as he pounds out “dance” steps complete with spins.  I think the next version of the game should have suspended kick pads so he can mix kicks into his repertoire.

He has a crowd around him that seem in awe for his talented level of game.  You get the idea that any of these guys would gladly trade their favorite dinosaur model to be this guy for even 5 minutes.

So this display is a natural for the Super Bowl halftime.  All it needs is Walk This Way piped in the background, some flashpots going off, fireworks, and tons of kids with ribbons running around.

I’m skipping the Strolling Bones at halftime, in case Jagger gets any nutty ideas about taking his shirt off.  I also hope he keeps his teeth in.  That’s never an attractive trick either.


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