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Knowledge Droppings: Of all the open NFL head coaching positions available, which is the most attractive?  (Kansas City, Houston, New York Jets, Minnestoa, Oakland, Detroit, Green Bay, New Orleans, St. Louis)

BiCoastal Bias: Granted, not all of these positions are open anymore, but that’s irrelevant.  I’m going with the obvious choice on this one.  The Kansas City Chiefs have the best record of this group, as well as the best team in tact.  Herm Edwards is the perfect fit for them, by the way.  He’s a defensive minded coach inheriting an offensive juggernaut, assuming half of the veterans on the offensive line return.  If not, I will admit this team isn’t looking nearly as attractive, as the offensive power behind the Chiefs comes from the five big boys up front.  

Nonetheless, I’d take the coaching position of the Kansas City Chiefs over the Vikings, (the rest of this group doesn’t even deserve mentioning).

IntrinsicBent: First off, big props to Knowledge Drops for this VERY timely debate offering.  Yes, that sarcasm was intended.  You’re better than your current performance level kid.

We’re hiring another writer, let’s hope we do a better job with our next hire.

Attractive?  Not really an NFL football approved kinda word, is it?  I’m gonna approach this like a headhunter with expertise in talent and personality evaluation skills.  I know it’s genius, but please save the emails of praise.  My inbox is full of those.

The Kansas City Chiefs position is the cream position.  It is the team with most of the pieces in place already.  The only pressure here is to make sure you don’t step on yourself out of the gate.  Don’t do wholesale changes on systems and styles which might delay forward progress.  Again, it’s not broke.

At the other end of this opportunity spectrum lies the Houston Texans job.  It’s at the other end as far as the amount of work needed to be done, but not the worst job in the mix.  This task will require a roll up your sleeves and start building kinda coach.  It’s kind of like an Extreme Makeover.  It’s a new organization with a forgiving fan base, because it’s a newer franchise.  They will appreciate slower but productive progress.  They need a complete overhaul and rebuild. They have an awesome draft pick in this year’s draft that is ripe with talent.  If their QB David Carr has not entered too far into the Jim Everett zone, a Reggie Bush choice could be very intriguing.  Getting an O Line is a prerequisite though.

The New York Jets job requires someone with a pedigree and rhino tough skin.  The New York media and fan base are not very forgiving or patient.  This team is accustomed to Old Skool discipline so they should hire for this trait as well.  Their talent pool is fair, but they will need a real QB and a little luck.  Carry a rabbit’s foot on this one.

Minnesota Vikings.  Bring a clown wig, red rubber nose, and those size 24 shoes that stick out of the window when you and thirteen of your buds pile into that midget car in the center ring.  This gig is a joke.  Bye week “cruises”, depleted talent, and rumors swirling that your pro bowl QB may be on his way to Oakland.  This will work with an NFL coordinator looking to make a jump into the big man’s seat.

Oakland Raiders.  Anyone that won’t mind not having decision making powers would be fine in this position.  They should also have a fist sized hole in their back for the owner’s easy access.  I would recommend recruiting in France for this one.  The gloss is off this organization.  The fans are also very scary.  They don’t seem so concerned with winning as long as they can play dress up.  Hey, if anyone asks who said that, be sure and tell them it was Knowledge Droppings.  Dude needs to earn his money somehow.

Detroit Lions have the league’s only GM with nine lives in Matt Millen.  Beyond that, they’re a team in transition.  This team with 49er retreads at Head Coach and QB thought they were Getting’ Into The Groove like Madonna in the 80’s.  If you take a shot at this one, be sure to keep your resume updated.

Green Bay gets the Sport Frappe’s sympathy nod.  At least the Intrinsic half.  You have to feel for Brett Favre, and Mike Sherman for that matter.  Injuries decimated that team.  But I have to admit that Favre’s decision making was painful to watch in most of this season’s games.  The coach that takes this position will need a better GM in place with a keen eye for talent.  They need a quick infusion of skill and depth.

The New Orleans(?) Saints need a coach with an RV.  Are there still such things as gypsies?  This team doesn’t know where their home is, experienced their whole City getting flushed last season, and have no clue what the future will hold.  College coaches, this is the one you should fight over to make the jump to the big dance.  Not you Pete Carroll, but the coach at Navy or Azusa Pacific should go for it.

Aww, last but not least, the St. Louis Lambs.  If the theory of what goes around comes around, this franchise is in deep trouble.  First, Georgia punked Southern California before it was cool and left The City of Anaheim in the lurch.  Then the Rams forced out Dick Vermeil after he finally won a Super Bowl for the franchise, and made him cry.  This year, they’ve cut Mike Martz while he was distracted with a possible life threatening condition.  As far as the players are concerned, old age and mediocrity have St. Louis addresses.  I personally think ex Clippers Head Coach, and current Assistant Suns Coach Alvin Gentry should make a run at this one.  He has a good shot at it!      


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