Cut it in Halftime

As that American holiday often referred to as “Super Sunday” approaches, it’s time that someone said something about the state of football halftime shows today.  While watching the Orange Bowl, whatever non-descript R&B performer showed up on midfield between quarters 2 and 3 reminded my brother and I of Ashlee Simpson’s embarrassing Orange Bowl halftime appearance of last year, in which she proved that her SNL fiasco was no fluke.  Did you see any of these bowl game halftime acts this season?  They are so terrible!  It’s either someone who is considered “up and coming,” like Ashlee Simpson a year ago, or an artist trying to make a comeback, like Mariah Carey.  And the acts always make me a bit uncomfortable, with these pop dancers trying to incorporate a football theme into their repertoire; something about girls wearing eye-black while dancing to “Oops I did it again” just rubs me the wrong way.  

Kudos to the Rose Bowl, for sticking to the old fashioned marching band.  It is the Frappe’s opinion that college halftime shows should always feature the school band.  If I want to see Usher, I’ll turn on MTV, which is ironic since most of these halftime shows make me flip the channel anyways.

I’m about to reverse this statement, however, when it comes to the game of all games, the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl is the epitome of America.  It’s the day everyone gets together to eat junk food and watch commercials.  So in that case, I say go ahead and make the halftime show fit the bill.  Throw on stage whoever it is that the music industry is presently trying to ram down our throats, singing “Walk this Way.”  I think it’s unfortunate that the fallout from the Justin Timberlake episode of a couple years ago has put a damper on the entertainment of late.  (In case you missed it, Timberlake tore at the clothing of his on-stage partner, I wish I could remember her name.)

I say go all out with the Super Bowl halftime show, make it a testament to how ridiculous American pop culture is for all of us to see.


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