A country boy can survive.  

The thing is, Hank Williams Jr. didn’t have to live in SoCal for a year after the local college dynasty in the making football team rolled up his team.

The Sooners did me no favors when they went Pop Warner in last year’s NCAA championship bowl.  I’ve had to endure a mind numbing 12 months of intense verbal abuse about my team from so called friends, relatives, and tv and radio talking heads.

It raised to a fever pitch again after UCLA spanked OU this year before it was revealed that OU was a mere shadow of itself.  This past week has been brutal.

Here’s the dilemma though.  I can’t root for USC just because I live here, especially after they whipped my team.  

I definitely can’t pull for Texas, because….well…..they’re Texas.  The first and second rule of fight club is…….don’t root for Texas.  Or something like that.  And you can throw that bull out about cheering for a rival just because they’re in your own conference.  Plus I’m old skool from the Big 8 era.

I’m tempted to be a bitterman and say I don’t care, but I’m too much of a sports honk.

I’m looking forward to potentially the biggest game ever in college football history.  And one last thing………………..

Boomer Sooner!!



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