Not Exactly All Roses

To kick off 2006, I’m thankful for two things:  
One – Football on HDTV  
Two – That the Rose Bowl takes place close enough to the holidays that I was able to watch it at my parents’ house, the only people I know with HDTV

Much like Intrinsic blogged before me, I didn’t find myself emotionally invested in either USC or Texas.  Mostly I was looking forward to a real championship game, between two teams that everyone could agree deserved to be there.  In the end, I decided to throw my hat in with Matt Leinart’s Trojans, for the arbitrary reason that he, like me, is an Angel fan.  Then, seeing Will Ferrell represent the USC fan in the pre-game show only helped to solidify my decision.    

Nonetheless, I wasn’t exactly heartbroken when USC lost.  However, if the Trojan winning streak had to end, I wanted Texas to really show that they deserved the national championship.  I’m not completely convinced that that is what happened tonight.  I’m not even going to bring up Reggie Bush’s first half failed lateral, a play I’d lose sleep over for the next two months if I were him.  But USC’s clock management with less than four minutes left was questionable, the decision to go for it on fourth and 2 was dubious, and their inability to lay a hit on Young after 200 yards of rushing was disgusting.  It hurts to watch such a historic streak end on a day when you had so many chances.

To end on a positive note, it was the performance of Vince Young that redeemed this game.  After the game, everyone on the sideline couldn’t stop imploring him to go pro tomorrow, but I disagree.  Vince: please allow us one more NCAA season.  The NFL just won’t do you justice.  Too many amazing quarterbacks have become boring after one season in the No Fun League.  Vince, I feel like we just got to know you.


2 thoughts on “Not Exactly All Roses

  1. JB,I think it was obvious to go for it on the 4th and 2. They couldn’t stop Young, and Texas hadn’t stoped that play all day. It usually popped for 10 yards. Had they gotten the first down, then the game was over. Even so, I think the BIG mistake by the Trojans coaching was calling the last timeout before the 2 point conversion. Everyone in the stadium knew they weren’t going to stop them on that. Had they still had the first down, then I really think they could have tied it. Think, they had the ball on the Texas 40 yard line with 9 seconds left. If they had a timeout then the could throw it over the middle instead of only having the sidelines. I’m confident they could have thrown a 10+ yard pass, called timeout, and then kicked the field goal. Never-the-less, it didn’t happen and Lienert blew the last play of the game. Even though I’m a UCLA fan, I was pissed at USC losing that game. The better team didn’t win.-Aaron


  2. The blown timeout was also a mistake, but it did’t make THE difference in the game. Think about the difference it would have made if Young would’ve had to drive an extra 30 yards, with 20 seconds less on the clock. The comeback becomes far less probable, but who knows, if it really was Young’s day then maybe none of their mistakes really mattered.


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