Goin’ Old Skool

Doug Flutie comes out with the kicking team against the Miami Dolphins last Sunday and drop kicks one through the uprights.  That officially brings Flutie’s career PAT stat to……………one.  This was the first time this had been done since December 1941.  Flutie’s play had a higher degree of difficulty though, since the ball is less round than it was in 1941 and does not always bounce as true.

Flutie became nationally known after his hail mary pass for the win with Boston College way back in the 1900’s.

This may very well be his last play before he retires.

I think he should gut it out and go completely Old Skool if he gets the chance in the post season.

I’m talking about running onto the field in a leather helmet, knee high striped socks, and those sweet hi top black leather cleats.

Then he lines up under center and either does a center sneak, or the classic statue of liberty play.

Wasn’t Flutie around in ’41 when the previous drop kick was made?


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