Zebras Are Killing The NBA

I can’t go another minute without getting this off my chest. I definitely can’t go one more game, or my head’s gonna explode.

The refs are absolutely killing the NBA. I know many of you purist honks go on and on to me about how the NBA reeks and is not fundamentally sound. The refereeing isn’t helping……at all.

I watched a lot of NBA action over the holiday break. I can’t even begin to count the blown calls I witnessed. I’m not talking about human error or judgement on the part of the refs. I’m talking about mamby pamby, ticky tack foul calling one way without consistency. I’m talking about balls out of bounds off players’ knees and giving it to that same team. I’m also talking about 20 seconds in the paint on offense. There’s more, but you get the drift.

While I’m at it, “veteran rules” are completely wack. How can you officiate a game where in addition to enforcing the rules, you are expected to factor in the amount of time someone has played and the strength of their star power? It’s the worst thing ever. Rules that shift are no longer rules. They’re desires.

This also goes for flexing the rules based on whether a team is at home or not.

Don’t get me wrong, I think officiating should always be done by humans. I’m not recommending we go cyborg and hand over the game to a Dell anytime soon. And no Apple heads, your product of choice would not work any better. Turn down your Ipods and put down the Steve Jobs flavored koolaid.

I simply long for an even playing field, and refs that are capable of performing accurately and fairly the majority of the time. That’s really not too much to ask, but if you watch very much of the NBA, you’ll begin to think it may take congress to make happen.

You MLB umpires that shift your strike zones based on the pitcher or hitter are on my list too.


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