Can You Dig It?

Before closing the books on 2005, you gotta take another look at Sport Frappe’s first ever post. It’s not hard to see how you Frappheads got hooked on the posts found in this here blog. The raw emotion, candor, and compassion penned by our hero BiCoastal Bias snagged you sports junkies from the get. We hear the reports of you excitedly opening your browser to see what offering the Frappe has for you. Most of you have been able to do this every day without getting whipped cream on your keyboards. The sprinkles, however are a different story.

Sure, we’re not perfect. Just like the Yankees signing Kevin Brown, we overpaid for underperformance by our intern Knowledge Droppings. But the kid is just now getting our sandwich orders right. So, we’ll have to keep him and hope he can produce better results early in this new year.

Like Dog The Bounty Hunter, The Frappe is a second chance organization.



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