(Ar)test Of The Wills

It’s another sequel story line:

Phil Jackson, looking to return his NBA team to it’s past glory, takes on a hard to handle defensive grinder therefore returning balance to the triangle.

No, Rodman is not coming to LA. And you have not entered a worm hole (a crease in the time space continuum which allows time travel, not Rodman’s mouth). Nor are we talking about the Bulls.

Los Angeles sports talk XTRA 570 was reporting a three team trade between the Lakers, Pacers, and Raptors that allegedly would send Ron Artest and Jalen Rose to the Lakers, Devean George to the Pacers, and Austin Croshere to the Raptors.

Wow. This is like those 1990’s computer generated pictures where the more you look at them the more you see. There are a lot of possible wrinkles. Whole lotta salary dumping, slug exchanges, and rolls of the dice going on. If this is more than rumor, it would explain why Devean started in last night’s debacle against the Grizzlies.

It seems like a small price to pay if you’re the Lakers, except for the technicalities of the luxury tax because of Rose’s bloated contract. Devean is in the last year of his contract, and has been odd man out because of injury and the change of teammates. There would be huge risk. What if Phil can’t zen Artest into being a decent human being that plays well with others? Then again, it would be cloaked within the melodramatic rebuilding process that has at least 15 story lines at all times. I’m betting there would need to be at least another Laker involved in this transaction.

Maybe after Kobe’s weak chick slap retaliation against Miller, the Lakers watched tape and noticed that Artest’s roundhouse at the Palace last year would be just the piece they need to be able to bring consistency and balance to the Force, errr Triangle. I miss the old Kobe who a few years ago would have retaliated by dotting the opponents eye with a number of clutch 3 pointers. This new version is more Gary Payton than Michael Jordan.

Ironically, in a separate event today on 570, Elton Brand claimed during an interview that Artest has held a grudge against Kobe since Kobe refused to sign something for him a while back.

That’s L.A. baby. There are always things moving and shaking. Deals are constantly being done. People continue to chase life like it’s High School. There is NEVER a shortage of dramas being played within a drama, or bottled water.

The best thing about this latest saga? I haven’t heard Shaq’s or Riley’s name brought up all day.

Imagine the Kobe/Artest rap cd possibilities.


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